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Hello, dear followers~ ♥︎

Recently I got a bunch of questions about the difference between Showing & Telling, so I thought that I would summarize my thoughts on the subject as a slideshow!

Of course, those of you who have been following my blog for ages can guess my thoughts about this ‘Show VS Tell’ debacle. Personally, I feel that Telling (the act of Summarizing) gets a reputation for being a lesser tool— which I disagree with greatly. Show and Tell are both important tools of the Writer’s Tool-Box, and they serve different purposes~ ♥︎

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September 1 2014, 10pm


Schönbrunn Palace Garden - Gustav Klimt



Schönbrunn Palace Garden - Gustav Klimt


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September 1 2014, 6pm


Robstar snuggle doodle dump! ovo/

They are going to be the death of me. Someone stop me.

August 31 2014, 12pm


To steal a music term, the hook of a song is that thing that, well, hooks you in and makes you wanna remember the song.  So how does that pertain to design you ask?  Well early on in the DA:I project I decided to treat the appeal of the characters I designed not through the eye of the beholder, compiling massive reference sheet of beautiful people and picking features I found appealing. Instead I decided to look through the lens of the narrative, and find their hook.  I just found beauty too subjective, too mushy too, too, well lets just say I didn’t find it adequate.  Luckily for me a lot of the talented people at Bioware believe in narrative so it wasn’t a hard sell to change the thinking and discussion away from “do I like what that looks like” to “does that visually say what we want”.

In the above example of Cassandra. Her hook is her power and authority.  So then the trick was merely to use visual language to tell that story.  I no longer had to justify what I thought was attractive.  Her face became all about her aggression.  Through the angle of her facial structure to the angle of her ears. It all became about giving her a strong aggressive forward visual flow.

— Casper Konefal (x)

Working beside this man for the last couple of years has been a highlight of my career. His insights, creativity and artistic integrity have been such an inspiration. He takes this approach to everything he does and his influence permeates Inquisition. Edit: and I should add, EVERY party member and many key NPC’s have received this treatment and I believe the results speak for themselves.

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finally starting my proposal comic kit for the publisher.

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Being stuck in an airport for 4 hours gave me time to edit a slew of scans. There’s more to come, trust me.

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  1. The client wanted his character to be a “hydra” version of the original design. I’m always happy to do a little creature design on the side, and brainstormed some quick concepts for where and how to fit the multitude of heads and limbs.
  2. After cementing the basics of the main character, I drew thumbnails to figure out the poses and general elements of the picture.

    ART TIP: Get in the habit of doing thumbs for larger pieces and save yourself from hours of grief!

  3. Refining the sketch from the chosen thumbnails.

    This commission was a collaboration between M. and yours truly. I did the initial sketchwork, background and final rendering. M. painted all of the figures up until the final frame of this .gif. Near the end I forced her to change directions on the palette and undo hours of work because I was unhappy with the colour-harmony. I still feel bad about that, but I think the result was worth it. 

    ART TIP: Do quick value/colour studies beforehand and block in larger elements before adding details… and save yourself from hours of grief!

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August 29 2014, 11am


so because college didnt work out for me ive decided to do something kinda nuts so

YEAH IM MOVING TO NEW YORK (w saltysalmonella) IN A COUPLE WEEKS??? we’re going to be job hunting and living in a tent for the first few weeks so REALLY ANY EXTRA MONEY IS GREATLY APPRECIATED……

but yeah no really if you want to know what happened w college and why i need money you can send me an ask?? i dont really like putting all my personal problems on my tumblr on a post thats going to be spread everywhere lhsgf

Click on the images for more info! 

this time im going to limit myself and have slots so? im going to start out w 4 slots and see where it goes from there!! currently theyre all empty HAHA

THANK YOU EVERYONE!! all of my followers have been so kind and supportive of me in the past. you guys are all great<3

signal boost GREATLY appreciated!!<3

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